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Since 1973, we have been building the finest quality homes and commercial spaces, establishing ourselves as one of the premier and most respected builders in Maine.

We are known for the knowledge and craftsmanship of our carpenters, the depth and strength of our professional relationships, and our unwavering commitment to excellence.

Owners, architects, and designers choose us when quality matters.

Our portfolio includes everything from summer cottages to high-end custom homes, traditional styles as well as cutting-edge contemporary designs. We are experienced in building and renovating a wide variety of commercial properties, such as recreation centers, group homes, stores, restaurants, offices as well as affordable housing projects.

The Thaxter Company...building on the beauty of Maine.

  55 Bell Street, Portland, ME 04103       (p) 207-878-5553       (f) 207-878-5424       info@thaxtercompany.com